You might also try out the new EAGLE-to-3D tool. No rendering functions but STEP output.

News: EAGLE VERSION 6.0 OCT 13 2011


with 3D Visualization

Amazing stuff! I’ve had lots of fun with this tool, my pics are at Thanks.

Great tool, I’ve used it a lot. Ever thought of some kind of gallery of produced pcb images?

Seem to be some problems with character coding in the latest version. 3dfunc41 (and others) complains about strchr(), probably because “Ü” is actually 2 bytes in unicode? It was easily solved by simply convert the files it complained about from unicode → ASCII. Some other strings show up a bit odd though :-)

Great Tool! and a small change request - My first use of this tool it worked great - aside from I could not “show image”. I traced it to having spaces in my installation path. One tiny change fixed this:

in 3d41.ulp, on line 1803 I added the \” surrounding the image file

dlgCell(0,0) dlgTextView(”<center><img src=\”“+mpd_show_pic[1]+”\”></center>”);

EAGLE3D (Aug 2010)

More libraries for EAGLE3D (Jan 2010)

More libraries for EAGLE3D (Dec 2009)

New Display library (Sep 2009) Link

Highlighter for POV-Ray (Updated Oct 2009)


Increasing realism in EAGLE3D (Updated Oct 2009)


VIDU3D FOR Eagle3D (Updated May 2009)


[Eagle3D] 1.10 release candidate 3


Have you considered working on an IDF generator so that MCAD industry standard software (CATIA v5, SolidWorks, etc) can read in the 3D model?

Eagle Version 5.0.0

Will Eagle3D get updated to Eagle ver. 5.0.0? I ran 3d41.ulp and it seemed to work just fine. I see that the new library features something called “Attributes” while “Variants” have disappeared. Maybe there’s no issue because Eagle3D focuses on packages?


Links (New 3.62 Updated 2009) (Beta 3.7b34 Updated Aug 2009)


Please Matthias adhere Support for multiple packages in a single line. Separtor char (;) For the purpose of writing a single line for several packages

Example pack1;pack2;packN:0:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:CAP_DIS_CERAMIC_25MM_50MM(:ceramic disc capacitator:

Hi Matthias!

This tool is awesome!

But only thing what you mey do is to add to documentation is what parts from Eagle libraries are included in Eagle3D.

Mladen Bruck Bosnia and Herzegovina 29.11.2007

Hello Matthias,

What a beautiful utility! I can’t wait to contribute to the model library. I also hope to use what I learn to generate CNC tool paths for fabricating face-plates.

Cheers -



Hello Matthias,

Your program is fantastic. Thank you for giving it to the computing community. It is amazing how you have bridged the power of Eagle and POVray. I look forward to making a few parts to add to the libraries. Thanks again!


Hello Matthias,

Your Eagle 3D program is fabulous and wonderful,congratulations..... But now I have a problem, I had download the but I can not connect it with the Eagle or with the POP-Ray, please could you tell me how I can do this

Thank you

Wilmer SALAS

Dear Mattias, What can I say else than (you have done a very big job), Bravo. A real world image is allways wellcomed before realization.

Wrya Muhammad, France

Dear Mattias,

EAGLE3D is really a great idea and great work. No one else might have imagined about linking EAGLE and POVRAY...Many thanks for your great effort...

As one our friend said, It would be still great if it can work on GERBER files and BOM...

- Senthil Nathan, India

Dear Mattias,

Eagle3D is a great idea! Keep up the good work.

Nick Johnson USA 1 Feb 2007

Dear Mattias, Although I’m not a PCB designer, I do work in the PCB industry and I’ve been a 3D hobbyist for many years (I stared learning 3D graphics and animation on a Commodore Amiga!) I am so impressed with your program that your demo circuit animation is currently featured on the home page of the web site I run called EverythingPCB. In addition I’ve also added links to you in our “PCB Artwork & Graphics” section ( and our “Demo, Shareware, Freeware & Trial Offer” section ( Keep up the great work! Danny Nov. 22, 2006 PS, If anyone else would like to have their artwork added to EverythingPCB, please feel free to e-mail me: (edited 03-14-10)

Hello Matthias,

Your Eagle 3D program is fabulous, wonderful.....I am at a loss of adjectives here.

I have a suggestion for you: Why don’t you do the same for all PCB design programs, by using the GERBER files, the Bill of Material and the Netlist. This way, your program would be compatible with all PCB design softwares and could be used to visualize designed PCBs and prevent a lot of mechanical issues. An option to rotate the board in space would make it the best ever!!!!

I use LAYO1 as a design program and would love to be able to use your 3D marvel.

Great stuff. Yves

I can’t get it to work. I can generate the POV file, but can’t render it. (Powermac G5, OSX 10.4.8) If I install it on an XP PC, it won’t work either. Very weird errors.

This nice add-on is wonderful. Keep working.

I’m Thien Nhan, come from VietNamese Eagle 3d is so cool! It’s a great idea.

OCT-2006: I want to donate... could you put a “wishlist” in other languaje than German...? don´t really know how that works...

When I had made my donation... May I see an OMRON G2R relay written, Hahaha.

I have no words, I´m developing a electronics project and I have stopped working to familiarize myself with your software and POV-ray (more complicated) it´s simply incredible. I really hope you never give up with the project.

I would like to see a forum where users could exchange Parts, otherwise is very dificult to complete any library... it´s a bulky job for only one person.

Best regards.

Amazing piece of work Mattias!, this tool has been invaluable for me to verify boards before sending them out for fab. If the eagle team have any sense, they will offer you lots of money and integrate this into their tool! Just one bug I’ve found, and I’ve seen other people reporting it, but no fix... the ‘string too long’ issue seems to be caused by a board having no dimension outline, in my case the dimension outline was generated in a library package. To fix it, I had to draw around the outline on the board directly. Great stuff!, – Anthony

Hi Mattias, This Eagle3D is the coolest I’ve ever known this is what I’m looking for to create electronics illustration circuit! From Lilibeth Frobayre,

I have had some fun now for six hours with your 3Deagle program and povray. Maybe i’ll use some image when presenting my ideas to some investing company. I hope i remember to send you something when i succed with my company. reklam(a) you may ask if i have gotten started in jan 2007, should be up and running for a while by that time.

Eagle3D is very cool!

Hi, Really this is very cool software. Thank you very much! I am using it on my study project and I like it. [Makrem]

Excellent program, thankyou very much! I’m using this on my next project, and will certainly be advising people to take a look here!


very nice program! thanks a lot! helps in maximizing pcb space and also for a great presentation!!! qwixzh

Sweet program! As an EE major, i’m sure i’ll be using it in the future. Also, the threds on your bolts are backwards :)

just saying hi! i’m a big dokuwiki fan. maybe you should create a template for dokuwiki and post it on the site? the colors are nice and so is the sidebar improvements you made. - 1.29.2006

Hi Matthias, the Eagle3D is really cool! But have you considered generating input files for Blender? That is an open source, free 3D rendering, editing and animation program. That way we could rotate our board in real time. And also insert the board into a framework and see how it fits. And make animations. And more... Best wishes, Thomas

HI Matthias, really a great work, thank you ! I used EAGLE 3D several times during last year, with great satisfaction.
And what a pleasant surf your new dokuwiki site !
All the best, Simone

What about make library with all packages, that have 3D model??

HI, EAGLE 3D is a great thing, my projects are about ~30% bether.
Please if annyone of you who read this comment have something about CNC machine
please send it to my mail or annything else about electronic
I’m ready for all cooperation vith everybody. markac

Hi Matthias
Great stuff this eagle3d - really :)

Very interesting site you have, specialy the part of the AVRisp I like. Maybe you could consider to deliver a complete set (print + components), Looking forward for your next projecs,

I realy like the look and result generated by provray, but personaly I feel
it is to “complicated”, not in technical terms but using povray is a bit
overkill. One day we might find this functiion included inside Eagle?
Good luck.

hello its really so gr5 work .......... but i dont know where
to download this “files shuld i put it in eagle folder??
and i dont know how to use pov-ray is hard to use?? please some one help me

With EAGLE-4.16r Is a pece of cake, simply install them with the installer (3Deagle and POV Ray), then copy the Eagle3d folder to the “directory where you have eagle installed”/ulp then, write run in the command line of the pcb view, select the *.ulp that fits your eagle version (inside /Eagle3d) and generate the POV file pressing one button, open POV and navigate to the file (POV will remember the location for future modifications) press the run button of POV and you are done.

I have a macro program installed and that work is made by simply pressing “Alt+Bspace”, the only issue I have is that automatic generation of parts doesn´t work for me (don´t know if it is an instalation issue).

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